This is the Nuge being epic and almost getting arrested... this is from the first Later'd tour when we were in Ybor city Florida.

Tino and Dave after getting kicked out

Jon Hoisington

Hon Jon

Billy Marks being epic on the Later'd Tour

Cock Row

Flow Trash Nick

Logan and James Numchucks shredding in NYC

Dan and Suski on a 5boro tour.  The sketchy couch was collapsing on them

The boys in PA on the onset of Later'd.

Dan Pensyl

Tino, Dan, Ted and myself with Stephanie Seymour.  I made a "Kill Buckethead" shirt for the occasion. She told me she would have opted for the "Kill Axl" shirt and that it isn't Guns N' Roses without Slash... brosesh ensued...

Tino diving into trash uptown... we were wasted going to a party...

More T.F.L. Classics soon...
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