crew crew

There was a street fair that was pretty neato.  Imitation was selling a dog.

Ben was plucking eyebrows!  I would have had my eyebrow done but that would
have taken all day.

Kid America and Leon were DJ'in'

As Four had some puppets

Kama and Eniko

This kid totally kicked that dudes ass!

We were playing a game called "cheat,"  better known as Bullshit...

Then I went to Charlyn's and watched the Ali Gee show...
she didn't want to go out, but I begged and begged her to come to
Smiths/Morrissey night with me, I was like, "take me out, tonight...

...where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive....

take me anywhere, I don't care, I don't care..."

"back to the bencho, where your clothes were stolen"

Anyway, this is Dash in my new office... I've been printing photos
there and making liberal use of the color copy machine!

Dill was like "girl's love this shirt!"

I went to a party for Another Magazine.  Alanna put me on the list with a plus one,
but like a dateless loser I went by myself...
On the way up there I noticed Macy's has a Christmas tree!
What the shit?  What month is it? Are those still up from last year?

There's Alanna, Ryan and my hat... isn't that hat awesome?
It mixes gangster and elderly vibes

There's myself and my friend with almost the same name as me Patrick Ervell

I got wine spilled on my jeans...

There's my twin brother Alex, and there's Chris...

And there's the entire metal group, Early Man...
saving me from standing around like a dork

even though Tall Dan was on hand I think I'm done being torturous

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