Shelly taking time out with the family...

get it Time Out?

Kembra!                                                                                                          The new football watching super couple!  "Hey Carrie, beer me!"

This is a pizza party at Cindy's house...

Then I went to Tonic to see some band that had Andrew WK on drums...
I gotta be honest, they were terrible!

Then my second pizza party of the night!  Celebrating Shelly and Brody's engagement!

O.K.  so last night was the last night ever of the Hole...
The owner is making it all gay all the time and changing
it's name to Pork! 

Adam's Venom Jacket                                                                                     Sean Stockton

Dance floor barraka                                                                                      me and Eniko                                                                   

Holy shit, it is the end of an era!  Everyone in the hole place cried when the lights came on!
I hope we can still be best friends forever!

Jessie and Desiree were so sad

Alain was basically like "get the fuck out!"  ....You cold bastard!

Where will I smoke indoors now?

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