So I got a new camera... the depression has ended, sorry for getting emo...
whatever, I hate you guys, seriously. 

this is the eclipse I told you about
as seen from Avenue A near the shake and french fry place.

This is Manute and I watching the World Series... look at how later'd my gear is!
Inappropriate accessorization as well as losing team status!
this is a case where the crisis should have lasted longer!  To me it was a midnight
snack gear situation where I think "I look cool in anything, who cares!" 

Ok so what do you do when you get a new camera?  Take pictures of your room!
You thought Dill was a scumbag, look at me! 
In this picture you can see a bunch of uncovered lenses getting dust on them...
a print Jerry sent me of Ocean Howell just lying out (sorry Jerry!)
my photo albums.., an empty can of beer.  DVD bootlegs, and a box
of some of the slides and negatives I have.  There is also a green jacket
Jerry got me that can also be seen here.

In this picture you can see some fedora abuse happening...
a half open camera bag, as well as just some clothes and a shoe. 
You can see in my eyes I was born unwise.

Here is my closet... any clothes that are still on the hangers are
clothes I don't ever wear.  I see a red vest...  very shocking!

Here are some shoes! Rare one of a kind Ellington samples...
too bad skate shoes aren't like dunks...
I have one of a kind Grecos and Drews too and I imagine
they are totally worthless.
If anyone wants to prove me wrong and send me money for them
let me know....
There is also gangster hat abuse in this photo. 

This is the pillow that I dream on... I have never turned on the television,
and I have never turned off the fan... I can't sleep in silence. 

you could see in his shoes he was born to lose...