On the last night of tour me and Jerry's computers had sex... and they had a baby!

The tour ended in Allentown PA, which is like an hour and a half drive from home, but i had to get
up early, get on a plane, deal with security torture, fly to Washington DC and then to La Guardia.

Right when I got to the city the bro's wanted to sesh... there's Alain!

We went to the Stare Master... it's a staring contest.

British Invasion... Oliver and Jagger. 

There was also some Q'ing involved... there's Matt.

A kid from the building and Kieva... I know they're giving dirty looks, but they were bro'in down.

Athena Razo and Merks

We went to the Cave but it wasn't quite as epic as last week, i think we were chasing the dragon,
I mean, nothing will ever be as epic as last week.

Manute has graduated to gangster cane status...

Well I'm home again... isn't that just nice?